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Good evening new and old members of Artisan Guild!!
This is your Admin Meguru-sama speaking!!

We haven't held an event in quite a while, so why don't we do something now??

Art Request Event:
Your goal is simple:
Just copy and paste the form bellow and have fun practicing on your art skill and making friends!!
  Number of Art Requests: ((Enter a number of requests you'd like from people here; whatever you feel comfortable with!!))
  Type of Request: ((For instance, you may want to do a sketch request, or a full color; ie. sketching animals, humans only, manga style, etc.))
  Do's/Don't: ((Put here what you'd feel comfortable drawing, and what you are not; ie. Do: humans, mechas, furries, etc./ Don't: nudity, explicit, animals, etc.))

-Make sure to check the number of requests the artist would like to take before replying to their comment
-DO NOT harass an artist for requests if they are over the number of requests they'd like to take
-Be polite, ask nicely

If I find anybody harassing others, I will first give them a warning. If they persist on harassing others, I will BAN that member from the group. MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE RULES
Good evening new and old members of Artisan-Guild!!
This is Meguru-sama, your future owner of the group speaking.

I've noticed that the group has been neglected for a long time since I temporarily left DeviantArt; and I've also noticed that the owner of the group has actually deleted his account. Now that I have slightly more time in my hands, I've decided to work on this group a little more for the sake of our members!! To clean some things up around here, I've deleted most of the journals and kept the ones that I thought were useful. Also, I will be adding new folders shortly.

We do apologize for our lack of professionalism and just throwing the group out of the way.

On a side note, but in the near future, I will be looking for new personnels to help me mod the group!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Future Owner

So this First Advice and Tutorial Journal will be on General Anatomy and Such. The second will be up to you so please comment below in what you think the next Advice and Tutorial Journal should be on.


What I personally find the hardest to draw is feet and hands. I found that with a lot of practice and a lot of frustrating mistakes my feet and hands actually look at the very least almost the way i want them to be.
Now my favorite Style of drawing is Anime or sometimes semi-realism, and i find that by doing studies of the more traditional style realism actually helps improve my anime pictures greatly. For instance i would practice drawing my hands and feet in different positions holding different things and from different angles. I also find it extremely helpful while i'm drawing and i'm having a particularly hard time drawing a hand or a foot in a certain position i will stop for a moment and put my hand or foot in that position to see how it looks and will then use that as reference.

Now I know everyone has their own personal problem areas When drawing anatomy (the structure of living things, in this case Human anatomy) So i will Cover in this journal the main Parts.
1. General anatomy of a man and a woman and a child. (a child's anatomy is different than a grown adults)
2. The Head
3. The torso
4. Arms and Legs
5. Hands and feet
6. Extras (such as hair, eyes)

1. General Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy Study by jcevil As beautifully demonstrated in this picture by :iconjcevil: It is common to Divide the Adult human body into Head lengths to properly proportion your person. ~jcevil Has put his male and female figures at both being at about 4 head lengths. though it is common to draw a person anywhere between 4 and 8 head lengths tall
To draw a person it is always advised against to start with the details. The most common way to start any picture whether human or not is by blocking in the basic shape and form as so beautifully depicted here Simplify Human Anatomy guide by sakimichan by :iconsakimichan:
A child's anatomy is different in that a child is androgynous (meaning no markers as to what sex they are) it is also different in that on an adults person the legs take up the most head lengths whereas on a child the torso takes up the most head lengths as demonstrated here Child proportions - Redline correction (UPDATED!!) by FOERVRAENGD by :iconfoervraengd:

2. The Head

Anime style
the face has 2 basic guidelines to follow that cross each other. On the horizontal line is the bottom of the eyes and the center of the ears. (the ears may very if you are drawing something that is not human). On the vertical line is the center of the forehead nose and mouth. An illustration here by :iconmireielle:

Realistic Style

In drawing a realistic face everything changes according to the person you a trying to draw. Such as the shape of the: eyes, nose, mouth, ears, cheekbones, jawline, and even the shape of the head itself.
So here are some general guidelines on realistic drawing faces
Face Proportions: PROFILE VIEW by FOERVRAENGD by :iconfoervraengd: Is an example of basic guidelines when drawing a side profile of a realistic face.
Rough Facial Proportions by rinchan089 by :iconrinchan089: Is an example of basic guidlines when drawing a frontal view of a face

Semi Realistic
Tutorial: How to draw a face by D17rulez by :icond17rulez:

3. The Torso

The Torso consists of the shoulders, the chest, the abdominals, and the hips.
an example of the female Torso

Mature Content

AS Drawing the Female Torso by CGCookie
by :iconcgcookie:
an example of the male Torso by :iconmadamenyx:
A Comparison of the male and female torso male and female torso study by kiister by :iconkiister:

4. Arms and Legs

Human muscles is very important to know on both arms and legs and yes it is still important to know the shape of muscles even if you draw anime. The reason for this is because muscles gives the shape to the arm depending on the position it is in, and the same is for the leg.
Examples of Arm muscles and Different arm positions
Anatomy - Human Arm Muscles by Quarter-Virus by :iconquarter-virus:   Arms by moni158 by :iconmoni158:   Arm Anatomy Study by AmBr0 by :iconambr0:
Examples of leg Muscles and Different leg positions
Anatomy Study - leg muscules by Call0ps by :iconcall0ps:   Anatomy - Leg Muscles by Quarter-Virus by :iconquarter-virus: Study: Legs by thegreatnude by :iconthegreatnude:

5. Hands and Feet

As stated before hands and feet are my personal challange and i find it easier to put my own hands and feet in whatevver position i am trying to draw them in. That said it also helps to block out hands and feet just like you would the main part of the body

How to Draw Hands:  Tutorial by ccRask by :iconccrask: Hands by Ethlinn by :iconethlinn: Hands Reference by Kibbitzer by :iconkibbitzer:

TUTORIAL: How to draw feet by ToxicPinku by :icontoxicpinku:   Draw Feet 2 by Diana-Huang by :icondiana-huang: Feet Reference by Kibbitzer by :iconkibbitzer:

6. Extras

Hair How to draw hair by leejun35 by :iconleejun35: Skin How to draw Skin (SAI) by Cristo69 by :iconcristo69: Nose Tutorial: how to draw noses? by Ilojleen by :iconllojleen: Ears TUTORIAL - EARS by Kaoyux by :iconkaoyux:
Eyes ::How to draw Shojo Eyes:: by bunnify by :iconbunnify: How to draw the anime eyes by Cristo69 by :iconcristo69: Semi-Realistic Manga Eye Tutorial by MangaTips-Com by :iconmangatips-com: How to draw realistic EYE - Part 1/3 by StephanieVALENTIN by :iconStepanieVALENTIN: Realistic Eye Tutorial by DeeKay130 by :icondeekay130:


Hope Everyone found The First Ever Advice and Tutorial Journal in :iconartisan-guild: To be Very helpful, again comment below about what you would like to see in our Next Advice and Tutorial Journal




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Artisan-Guild has now been on Deviantart on 1 Year! And we are proud to announce we have accomplished more things then we ever thought out to even accomplish!.

We had our Ups and downs,Our staff did shed blood,sweat and tears (literally).But we finally accomplished what we all wanted.Which was get all our awesome members recognition for there art!.

I made this group 1 year ago on May 8th of 2012 and here we are today May 8th of 2013!.I cant believe 1 year has passed so quickly! It was like last year was an hour ago (That hour took forever).But here we are today and with high prospects we are improving everyday.

This week was a special week for not only me but all our members.This week I set my self a goal of at least 50 Updates for the upcoming of Artisan-Guilds birthday and Me/Staff and our Security team did over 60 updates (Updates area can be located on the left of the home page just scroll down a bit you can see a little box how many updates we did).We've changed the whole Homepage and more awesome features included too!.(This is starting to seem like an updates blog~ I shall quit while I'm still ahead).

So basically I feel we need to say some milestones we have reached in the last 1 year and here they are.

:bulletyellow:15,400+ Members
:bulletyellow:14,700+ Watchers
:bulletyellow:186,000 Page views
:bulletyellow:Over 60,000 Pieces of art submitted in our folders
:bulletyellow:Over 340 updates
:bulletyellow:We became a Super Group
:bulletyellow:We've handed out over 8500 Points (Including dAcenter)
:bulletyellow: Artisan-Guild has supported some awesome groups/Contests!

These are "Some" achievements what he have accomplished in the last 1 year alone.And our future seems brighter then ever and I am happy to say I'm the most luckiest guy on Deviantart to own such an amazing group with thousands of amazing artist's who I hope achieve each and one of there dreams.

So as a 1st Birthday I would like to reward ALL our members by allowing them to comment,Advertising themselves if they are accepting Commissions/Requests or want a few new friends.

:bulletred:NO LINKS (your allowed to do :iconmadmax00007:)
:bulletred:NO GROUP Links or (Example: Artisan-Guild) - NOT allowed

Also you can submit 3 MORE submissions to our folders! So that is a total of 4 more submissions to the CORRECT folders.(it remains 1 in featured).


"If anyone is also feeling generous and wants to give Artisan-Guild a birthday gift and wants to be featured here while this topic is still HOT! then please donate a few points so we can renew our Premium Membership!"
Then Donate any amount here :iconmadmax00007:

People who donated Today! (Simply donate and be featured here ^_^!)
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Have fun Guys!

Kind regards,
Artisan-Guild Staff

:bulletred: These rules must be followed to avoid distrubition and chaos.If you have a problem with them do not Join.They are simple and easy to follow if you would like more information PM the group or LOOK AT THE FAQ (Most Question's answered -… )

:bulletblack: Do not harases other members - Do not harrass Artisan-Guild members,Its not Needed why hurt the feelings of other companions?

:bulletblue: DO NOT Abuse our staff.They are Kind,Generous and Happy to help you.So dont be rude and think you will get away with it.You will be banned.

:bulletblack: Do not Troll this Group - Do not make inappriorate comments and then leave.It's not allowed and We will ban you Permantly.

:bulletblue: Do not Fight/Argue on the Comment System.If you have a problem with another Artists take it to PM.Or PM a Artisan-Guild staff (ONLY IF IT HAS TO DO WITH THE GROUP).

:bulletblack: Do not SPAM the ARTISAN-GUILD (Message area).PM the group regarding the SAME question every 72 hours and IF its not answered.If you do spam the message area you will be banned.

:bulletblue: Do not Ask for Points/Comments/Faves/Watcher's on the homepage.Post your artwork and it should those things will come to you.Asking for it wont make a difference and Staff are allowed to remove all comment's as such.

:bulletblack: Do not Advertise Other Groups/Contest unless you have paid.You will be Warned and the comment will be hidden.You must Pay (In Points) to Advertise your own groups/Contest (PM THE GROUP FOR PRICES)

:bulletblue: If you want to Affilate with Artisan-Guild.Send the Invitation it shall be accepted automatically.

:bulletblue: Add a MATURE content on all Nude/Gruesome pictures.This is a DeviantArt rule and were enforcing it.(If you see a art piece without a mature conent then PM the Group we will Pm that artist).

:bulletblack: Do not steal other's artworks and claim as you own.We do have a secret Artisan-Guild Patrol and we check all artwork's.We have caught many in the past and we continue to do.So dont post stolen artwork.Think you will get away with it.

:bulletblue: Do not add any artwork related to "Homophobic,Bullying,Rude" anything un-pleasent and violates DeviantArt Rules and Regulations Do not Post it will be removed once found.

:bulletblack: Do not submit journal entry's to the group.(It will be removed).

:bulletblue: Do not beg for Anything (Points/Favorites/Comments/Llamas or Page views) The comment will be hidden if posted on the homepage and you will be warned.

:bulletblue:  Do not Violate these rules or you will be Warned/Banned and Removed.They are simple and they do not cause any problems and allows the group to run smoothly.

:bulletred: :bulletblue: HAVE a Question? Check out the FAQ! Most of your questions are already answered Check here -… :bulletred: :bulletblue:

Kind regards,


Journals 101

:bulletorange:Here are the Journals You need to Read.To understand Artisan-Guild.If you have any questions regarding any of the RULES Or FAQS Pm the GROUP for more information.Thank you.

Journals -


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